BMP4006 People And Performance, University Of Bolton,

People and Performance

Assignment: INUBTraining – Portfolio of HR documentation

Learning Outcome 1: Produce Appropriate recruitment and selection materials

Assignment brief:

In your role as HR manager at INUB, you have been asked to recruit a new Office managerto work at the organisation. To start the process, you have been asked to produce a portfolio of documentation, which must include the following documents (see below). It is important that the documents reflect the requirements relevant to the post and are suitably branded.

The documents required.

  • A job description and person specification for the Office Manager
  • A job advert to help you in recruiting the Office Manager
  • A three month staff development plan for the new starter

In addition to the portfolio you are also required to provide a clear and detailed rationale (1500 words) for all the choices that you have made in the design of the above materials. These should be clearly based on reference to the academic literature.This document should be attached to your portfolio as an appendix.

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