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Telappliant is a company located in United Kingdom which was formed in 2003.It provide information technology, telephony and internet connectivity services to small and medium business enterprises. It also provides cybercrime solutions. The company has a total of 117 employees with four locations in the country (telapplant, 2022).Telappliant can reach the customers and potential users through Twitter,Facebook,Instagram,Google+ ,and youtube. This essay will discuss digital audit and digital marketing strategies used by Telappliant to enhance competitive advantage in the market. The essay will also discuss 5 digital Porter’s Five Forces, digital PESTLE and digital SWOT analysis in relations to Telappliant company.

Telappliant company external analysis

(A) Market Trend

. A digital audit involving assessing effectiveness of all digital platforms in enhancing the company’s campaign. It is imperative to carry out audits during early stages of planning strategies to enhance performance and contemplating channels available to incorporate in the plan. Various questions should be answered during digital audit such as which channels do the company have, which is good or bad, what are their effectiveness, and who is obliged to operate them? ( Rahmatullin &vGuzelbaeva, 2019).

There are marketing trends that the Telappliant company must confront otherwise it will be overtaken by competitors. The introduction of 5G network in 2019 has brought changes in the industry. More than 50 nations have embraced the technology and various manufacturers have incorporated it in their phones and personal computers. Use of Artificial Intelligence has become popular in the field of information technology to increase efficiency in businesses .AI has benefited firms through server optimization, enhancing quality assurance, application deployment, automating processes, improving productivity, and building secure system. The field of information technology has also developed voice first skills. This where smart devices are incorporated with voice-activated technologies, smart speakers, and voice assistants which are integral in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Another market trend is that the chatbots demand is rising.69% of costumers in United States choose to utilize chatbots when dealing with products as response is much faster. The incorporation of chatbots in a website help a company to respond to customer’s queries at any time as they are 24/7 responsive (Savoie & Raisinghani, 2019).

(B) Competitor Analysis

The top competitors of Telappliant are Voipfone, and D Edge Global Group.Voipfone has been winning the best business  VoiP provider Award since 2014 in United Kingdom. It has also won other awards like Customer Satisfaction Awards, Best Internet Telephone Service, and Precious Queen’s Award for business. Voipfone has divided its products to various categories to meet different segment of UK customers. Edge Global Group is another information technology that is challenging Telappliant by having more reliable services like commercial finance and utilities, and very recent technology of 6G in particular. The expertise and provision of numerous affordable services makes the company to be more competitive.

 (C) Digital PESTLE

The digital PESTLE analysis of Telappliant company examine political, economic, social, technological factors that affect the success of the business together with legal and economic factors. The analysis would help the company understand the digital market and devise ways to make improvement in its activities (Perera, 2017).

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