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Mar 15, 2023



It is a great book written by an exceptional writer Lystra Aranal.

Twenty-three year old Aly Mendoza is an immigrant’s child. Born to Filipino parents but raised in Singapore, Aly was brought up as foreign as can be as the family fully assimilated themselves into a more worldly way of life. With the untimely death of her father when she was eighteen, and the already minimal contact she has with her paternal grandparents, Aly soon settles into a life of familial silence, further separating herself from the family who reminds her too much of the father she lost way too early in her life. But when Aly finds out about her grandfather’s critical hospitalization in America, she packs her bags and flies thousands of miles – at the insistence of her mother – to be by the bedside of the man she has not seen or spoken to in years. Confronted by the scene in the hospital, she is forced to once again come to terms with the death of her own father while at the same time deal with the imminent loss she will have to again face, silenced by the apologies that are always too late. Bright Lightsmaps the intricate relationship of the three generations: Aly, her father, and her grandfather; and poses the question of where one can begin mending a distance that seems too vast to cross

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