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Apr 05, 2023

Name of School :- School for Business, Commercial and Technology
Programme Title :- BA (Hons) in Business with Management
Module Code/Title :- BS20183 : Research Methods
Weighting :- 50%
Credits :- 20
Word Count/Equivalent :- 2000 words (+/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes Assessed
1.Use research terminology appropriately and appreciate its importance in research
3.Review the work of others and prepare a research proposal
4.Assess and justify research approaches
You must achieve each of these outcomes to achieve a pass grade in this assignment. To see how your final grade has been determined please see the guidance on marking criteria
BS20183 Research Methods Assignment – UK 

1) Select an appropriate and relevant research topic. This needs to meet a number of criteria including:
a. It must be ‘business related’, according to your degree specialism
b. You must choose a ‘real’ issue, problem or opportunity that would have meaning for an organisation in a specific industry sector chosen by you
c. It must be a subject that will remain valid between now and May 2023 when you submit your Business Research Project report
d. It must provide an opportunity for you to undertake both secondary and primary research as part of a complete research process from data collection to reporting

2)Get your research topic agreed with your tutor. It is important that you do not commence the proposal until you have agreement from your tutor. A series of individual meetings will have taken place with the module tutor to allow you to develop the topic area.

3) Using the prescribed format set out in the Research Proposal Guidance and Template Document provided separately, develop and write a research proposal for your chosen topic which describes what you are going to do and why and how you are going to do it.

BS20183 Research Methods Assignment – UK 

Guidelines (for tasks 2, 3)

  • Your proposal must follow the structure as shown in the template provided
  • There should be evidence that you have read articles and books which deal with your topic area as well as resources relating to the research process. This means that you must include a bibliography covering your topic area and research methodology.
  • Develop one or two (maximum) key research questions that you plan to seek answers to, and formulate research aims and objectives relative to each question.
  • Keep your objectives broad. You are not expected, at this stage, to finalise these, although they should be broadly relevant to your topic area and research question(s)

Assignment Guidance and Academic Regulations (Lancaster University Programmes Only)

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