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Human resource management is the most important part of a business organization. Human resource management is responsible for managing the most important resource of the organization is the human or the employees (Rubbers, 2020). This report is a human resource management report of a medium-sized organization in Brisbane Australia. The company has a strong focus on superiority affects human resources as well as ethical practices. The company believes that the growth and development of the company come directly from strategic hiring training retaining the best employees and gaining strategic advantage. According to the company’s ethics and beliefs, the unique skillsets of employees add one of the most essential resources for the company as they cannot be easily duplicated by the competitors. The company wants to acquire skilled and efficient individuals that would fuel the growth and development of the organization. However, currently, the company has found a gap between the organization`s intention and the present situation. The paper is going to present a complete human resource analysis of the company and discuss strategies that the company could utilize.

Human Resource Needs

Roles And Responsibilities

The human resource manager-the major role played by the human resource manager is to look after the entire human resource planning and management. The human resource manager`s role includes planning and coordinating as well as directing the administrative functions of an organization (Harsveld van der Veen 2021). The person is also responsible for looking after the recruitment cover interviewing and hiring process of the organization

Line manager -the line manager is responsible for looking after all the frontline workers of an organization. The role of the line manager is to plan, delegate workloads as well as organize shifts and roasters (Cooke 2018). They`re also given the responsibility of cross-training employees to ensure that all the areas of skill required are covered by well-trained and skilled staff. They could also be referred to as the performance manager of the company. The line managers are people who deal with the employees regularly.

External contractors- the external contractors are the employment agencies who are hired by various organizations to facilitate a company where their recruitment and employee hiring process (Martinez 2021). As per the needs and requirements of this company maintaining a full-fledged human resource department would prove to be very costly for the organization.  Hiring an external employment agency or human resource agency would help the company to cut down the cost at the same time acquire high-quality and skilled labor. The external agencies could look after the hiring and recruitment process for the organization.

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