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Oct 17, 2021


Case study

Please read through the following Case Study. Reflect on your learning and your own research within this Unit.

Prepare a response which responds to each of the issues presented below. Your work must reflect your knowledge, skills and application for this unit. Your response is to be presented in a plan for implementing a performance management system, to your CEO. This is to respond to the situations in the Case Study.

Situation Wellness Global is a well-established chain of Gyms. Across the chain there are 70 gyms across Australia. Wellness has grown quickly and employs very dedicated individuals, however it is becoming clear that the organisation needs a performance management system. You have been employed because of your human resources skills and are very keen to implement a performance management system.You are already aware of it value in producing consistency and higher productivity.  Important information you need to know about Wellness Global: 

Mission: To be the leader in positive gym experience for all who join.

Purpose: Its not what or how we dot it its inspiring ourselves and our members to be the best version of who they are.

Values:Integrity: be honest. Compassion: support and respect every individual. Teamwork: together we will reach goals. Reliability: keeping our promises. Strategic objective: To achieve 100 gyms within the network within five years. You will need to develop a plan for a performance management system to present to your CEO. In the plan you will need to:
1.  Recommend a system. Ensuring you describe how you would develop, implement, monitor and review Wellness Globals performance management process
2. Describe the design methods for the development of key performance indicators and formal performance management sessions by line managers
3. Describe how you will consult with stakeholders to gain support
4.  Describe how you will design, develop, coordinate and implement individual and group learning and development
5. Describe how you will train line managers and other relevant people to manage performance
6. Describe how you will provide support to line managers to effectively manage performance issues, including dispute resolution and termination of employment
7. Describe how you will develop approaches to improve performance and address identified performance gaps. Answer each question in as much detail as possible Ensure you attach evidence of completing each item

Quality outcomes

Ensure that your submission is

(i) grammatically correct

(ii) error-free

(iii) in simple English

(iv) comprises of an average of 15 words for each sentence and,

(vi) there are separate paragraphs for each new content/topics or discussions. Include references to relevant legislation, which must be defined.

Attach any models, tools, resources which could be used in an organisation to improve the Case Study situations presented. (Examples here, where possible). (Tip: Read all text aloud to identify any gaps and correct, and ask another person to proofread to check for accuracy  before you submit).

A minimum of 1,000 words is required (attachments are not to be included in word count).

Writing strategies and actions for future improvements A Case Study is designed for you to demonstrate your skills in reading, accurately interpreting and providing workable responses and strategies. Check that your responses provide:
 Identification and clarification of the key issues. Discuss and provide some suggestions as to what has caused these;
Key facts and information which is relevant, and demonstrates your ability to provide solutions;
Templates and resources which could assist managers in the future when managing their teams;
 Recommendations (short term and long term) to improve the current situation.
 Also ensure appropriate use of headings and formats to reflect a professional presentation.


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