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The paper begins with an introduction of the company. The mission statement of the company is to provide the highest quality supermarket services to our valued wholesale customers. StorPlus vision is to become within five years a reputable premier Supplier Of Independent Supermarkets within Southeast Queensland. The core values of the company include innovation and continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and quality, team work, health and safety. The strategic direction of the future is also discussed. The strategic direction of the company include; engaging customers, increasing market share, growing production capacity of the company and creating a high performance organization. The paper also discusses the performance measures of used by the company and budget estimates for the company. The organizational structure of StorPlus is also drawn and discussed in the report. The procurement policies and laws of StorPlus are also discussed in this report. It is based around purpose, scope and the resources itself. The relevant legislation regarding procurement in this industry is also discussed. The legislation that governs procurement includes non-discrimination, maximization of value for the company, risk management in procurement, procurement planning and responsible management of finances. 

Company’s Business Objectives

The objectives of StorPlus include:

Reducing complaints per 100 orders to less than 2

Increasing distribution by 15% within every financial year

Increasing the volume of order handled by the company to more than $500,000

Engaging workers in development of strategic goals of the business and professional development.

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