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The program mainly focuses on undertaking three projects. The first project focuses on the redevelopment of a website for hosting and maintenance services in Australia. The website will help in enabling the National archives of Australia for collected the contributed data regarding the photographic collection that are featured on the site. The second project mainly focuses on the redevelopment of the clean energy regulator staff intranet into SharePoint 2013. Moreover, the third project focuses on the development of a database for successful community engagement.

Program Management Framework

Project Management Institute (PMI) based Standard for Program Management (SPM) framework for managing the entire program. The framework generally helps in determining as well as expanding the concepts of project management and further helps in utilizing them for the successful accomplishment of the project work (Sales and Barbalho 2018).

Program Funding Strategies

Sources Of Funds

The funds that will be needed for the program will be achieved from the following sources that are mainly elaborated below:

  • The government will fund the budget for the program so that all three projects can be undertaken successfully.
  • The program funds will also be provided by the Commercial bank as a loan which will be paid on a monthly basis with interest for successfully executing all three projects.

Types Of Funds

The types of funds that will be used for the successful execution of the entire program are mainly elaborated below:

  • Debt funds are used by the program from the commercial banks, which they have to pay on a regular basis (Franssen et al. 2018).
  • The program will also use money market funds as this particular type of funds generally have the lowest risk.

Program Resource Management

The resources that are needed for successfully undertaking the program are mainly elaborated below:

  • Human Resources: Program manager, project planner, IT manager, tester, trainer, application manager, operational manager, financial manager, HR manager and sponsor are some of the human resources that are needed for successfully undertaking the program.
  • Hardware/Software Resources: CPU, Hard drive, RAM, desktop, testing tools as well as designing tools are some of the hardware and software that are needed for successfully undertaking the program.
  • Financial Resources: The program requires financial resources for successfully undertaking the work of the program.

The steps that are used during the progress of the program for managing the resources of the program are mainly elaborated below:

  • Firstly, it is quite important to properly understand the demand of the resources during the program.
  • Secondly, it is important to assign the resources according to the demand within the program (Keegan, Ringhofer and Huemann 2018).
  • Thirdly, it is necessary to track the utilization of the resources and properly update the assignments that will be undertaken during the program.
  • In the fourth step, it is important to validate data for successfully reducing variation during the program.
  • Lastly, it is necessary to present the data to the senior executive for ensuring that the resources of the program are properly managed.

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