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Apr 10, 2023

Unit title & code :- Strategy and Innovation – BSS029-2
Assignment number and title :- Assignment 1 – Report
Assignment type :- Analysis
Weighting of assignment :- 40%
Size or length of assessment :- A report of 1500 (+/-10%) words and supporting appendices
BSS029-2 Strategy And Innovation Assignment

Unit learning outcomes :-
1. Demonstrate knowledge of a range of tools and frameworks of strategy and creativity appropriate for the evaluation of complex situations in organisations
2. Use appropriate methods to analyse an organisation and its context in order to generate coherent innovative strategic options and choice

What am I required to do in this assignment?
This assignment assesses your ability to critically analyse the operating environment of a small company and identify the short-term strategic risks and issues that it is facing. Further more you need to assess the potential impacts that the identified risks and issues have upon the company’s current strategy. This task assesses your ability to critically evaluate the usefulness and relevance of a company’s strategic objectives and capabilities in the light of industry developments. Being able to use appropriate analysis to understand the key risks and issues and make decisions relating to strategy is one of the key skills of strategic thinking.

 You will analyse a company and its operating environment making use of creativity and strategy tools in order to frame under standing of the risks and issues facing the company. Time will be spent in the first two weeks of the unit to understand the demands of the assignment.

 You will work to understand the strategic risks and issues facing the company and to assess how these might affect the company in the near future. You will produce an individual report that makes use of this analysis

 The assignment submission is individual.

It is a local florist company. For you early research you should explore the company and start to investigate competitors and competitor segments.

 You must identify the company’s current strategy Note: Where hard data is not available the use of assumptions with the inclusion of supporting rationale is permissible)
 You will analyse the business environment and industry of the company You should consider the main competitors and their competitive position market details value share etc. current trends in the market future trends in the market and objectives of the business
 You must make appropriate use of carefully selected tools and frameworks to help you to conduct and structure your analysis clearly highlighting risks and issues

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