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Apr 05, 2023

Unit title & code BSS041-3 Digital Business Management
Assignment number and title 2: Online Presence Report
Assessment type WR-Prob
Weighting of assessment 40%
Size or length of assessment 1200 Word report
Unit learning outcomes: 1.Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding.
a.Understand concepts, theories and frameworks related to the management of e-business and be aware of a range of analytical techniques related to digital data in diverse business contexts.
2.Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
b.Apply relevant theories and frameworks related to: a) employing specific information systems and e-business concepts to sustain an organisation’s competitive advantage, and b) analysing a website/e-commerce presence from various academic perspectives and providing recommendations for improvement.
BSS041-3 Digital Business Management Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

What am I required to do in this assignment?
Assessment Task
You are required to develop a digital business consultancy report for an organisation.

The consultancy report should focus on analysing and providing insights into the organisation’s internet marking and Online practices. Firstly, you are to select a company which is present online, or a list of companies will be given you by the tutor,from which you can select a company.

Secondly, using the assessment 2 template document provided on BREO, complete various sections of the report. specifically. Focusing on assessing the selected company’s online presence on various online channels, such as
website, social media platforms etc. further analysing various insights into company’s internet marking strategies.

Third, providing recommendations for the company in a form of actions to be taken by the company

Note: Discussion should solely be based on the data gathered about the selected company but the analyses must be
accompanied by academic literature, theories, frameworks and concepts relevant to the discussion.

Specific Instructions

  • You are expected to do much background reading from textbooks and other academic journal articles as well as conduct adequately research evidence to support your review, synthesis and discussion.
  • Reference style must follow Harvard Reference Systems, e.g. EJIS style (European Journal of Information Systems).
  • The report should be word-processed, the length of your critique should be around 1200 words (± 10%) and quantitative data. Please state the number of words using Word Count function at the end of your report.

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