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Apr 05, 2023

Unit title & code International Business Management BSS044-3
Assignment number and title Assessment 1
Assessment type Written Report
Weighting of assessment 40%
Size or length of assessment 3,000 words
BSS044-3 International Business Management Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit learning outcomes:
1.Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding
a.To demonstrate understanding of how international businesses operate within their strategic context
2.Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
b.To use appropriate research concepts and frameworks to evaluate international business practice

What am I required to do in this assignment?
Apply your understanding of international business, market selection and entry modes to a specific organisation. You must evaluate the organisation’s current international strategy and recommend a new market to enter, the optimal entry mode to be used and any other relevant information you deem important.

Your specific organisation will be allotted to you by the Unit Coordinator, your report must be written about this organisation.

Specifically you should make sure you include, at minimum:

  • An evaluation of the current international strategy of the organisation
  • A justified recommendation for a suitable new market to enter with supporting evidence and reasoning
  • A justified recommendation for a suitable entry mode to use with supporting evidence and reasoning

You will need to utilise both theoretical knowledge and necessary frameworks/tools relevant to the assessment alongside strong consideration of practical issues and potential obstacles. You need to apply your research skills to find information and literature on your selected company and potential markets.

Additional Guidance:
1.The balance between market analysis and the actual planning/recommendations– ensure that your work is balanced
with regards to analysis and recommendations. For example, do not use a lot of words summarising the analysis, at the expense of developing your recommendations and considering potential issues.

2.Clarity: planning needs to be very specific; stating that you will entry country X using entry mode Y is not enough. You need to explain the rationale behind your choices, the academic tools/frameworks used, the issues that you took into consideration and also demonstrate that you have given some thought to the implementation and implications of your recommendations.

3.Academic content- you are expected to include academic material into your report rather than relying upon online sources alone. You need to demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical background of international business through your citation of relevant academic content.

4.Executive summary –an executive summary should be written in a way that allows the executive who reads it to know what the problem is and how it is to be solved. Essentially, it is a summary of your problem statement, objectives and how to achieve them (i.e. how to solve the problem).

5.Secondary data use –Analysis should be supported with secondary data (from the literature). You should demonstrate wider reading and acknowledge the sources of your information, both in the main body and in your bibliography. Information pertaining to the potential markets and selected company should be sourced from reliable sources rather than through general web search, you should speak to an Academic Librarian if you require assistance with this.

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