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Apr 01, 2023

Unit title & code Research Methods in Business Practice- BSS057-3
Assignment number and title Assignment 1 – Problem-Based Report
Assessment type Coursework
Weighting of assessment 70%
Size or length of assessment 2,100
Unit learning outcomes: 1.Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding
 Relevant to business research, the nature of literature review, and research methodology as well as their relevance to business practice.
2 Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
 In developing a purposeful literature review and analysing a complex data set.
BSS057-3 Research Methods in Business Practice Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

What am I required to do in this assignment?
Task: work which enables students to put into practice the principles and data analysis approaches introduced in this module. The report is designed to encourage students to work and learn independently.

You will need to identify a problem and use the data that is freely provided by the office of national statistics provide a solution to the problem you have identified. When developing your own topics you must consult with the tutor with regards to their appropriateness. Please keep in mind that the focus of this assessment is not on the problem itself but the way you use statistical data to find a solution to the suggested topics.

For the first part you will need to identify and process the relevant datasets to the problem identified and then utilise that data to resolve the problem. Additional databases and data could be used by exception and only after consultation with the tutor. All data has to be contemporary.

In more detail you should:

  • Define the problem to be studied and the purpose of research. Provide a brief and relevant literature review.
  • You should state the relevant datasets that you would need to analyse and resolve the problem identified.
  • Provide an appropriate analysis of the data chosen and included. The type of analysis conducted should be consistent with your objectives and nature of the data collected.
  • Write a findings and conclusions section that explains of how the results of your data analysis link back to the problem and the literature review.

You should maintain good references using the Harvard system. Incorrect referencing will be penalised. Do use visual aids in order to facilitate your data analysis and presentation.

The purpose of the individual report is to allow the student the opportunity to explore an area of the course in depth, and demonstrate evidence of independent critical thought and research.

An electronic copy of the Report, the data and the analysis must be provided.

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