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May 10, 2023
  • Introduction

    Digital technologies are those technologies which exists where digital information and physical resources combines in a new ways to create value and profitability. Business organizations seeking digital edge transforms process, business models and the customer experience by exploiting the pervasive digital connections between systems, people, place and things (Pink, 2016). Digital technology is helpful in terms to revolutionized the activities of business enterprise. This is very helpful in terms to bring the systematic growth in enterprise. Thus, technological advancement will bring sustainable image in the market.

    The term digital technology will be helpful in relation to have the things as are media, conferencing etc. Thus, it can be said that modern technology will be helpful and it will take over the process of traditional process in market. In addition to this, manager of the firm need to hire the skilled labor force so that they are able to carry smooth operation in market. Tesco is taking number of initiatives in terms to implementing digital technology so that brand image of the firm can be sustained. The effective things will be helpful in term bring long term productivity and profitability to the business enterprise.

    Digitalisation has altered the business exercises in successful m

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