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Apr 25, 2023

The current driving licence system in Ireland is outdated and includes several issues including slow application processes, the creation of fraudulent driving licences and the environmental impacts of developing plastic licences. The research undertaken in this project contributes towards the development of an e-licence or digital drivers’ licence to benefit both the daily users to track and manage their daily driving and the governing bodies that receive the data on drivers using the application.

The implementation of a digital driver’s licence allowing drivers to take control over their entire driving experience could assist Irish citizens to lower the application times, improve and automate internal processes and increase profit margins for managing organisations. This report will look to discover areas for improvement in the implementation of a digital driver’s licence.

Other countries across the world have begun to implement an e-licence or digital driver’s licence as their main driving licence and have recorded major benefits. Countries such as Mexico and Australia show the implementation of an e-licence can significantly improve processes, reduce costs, and increase citizen services.

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