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Apr 03, 2023

Subject Code & Title: BU7006 Strategic Financial Management
Assessment Type : Assignment
Word Count : 4,000 words,
Weighting : 100% of overall module grade
BU7006 Strategic Financial Management Assignment – UK.

B: Learning Outcomes :
1.Deploy appropriate accounting theory and tools to the critical evaluation and interpretation of financial reports.
2.Master critical awareness of how management accounting has developed tools and techniques in order to improve strategic decision making and performance management.
3.Deploy appropriate accounting theory and techniques to the evaluation and analysis of performance measurement.
4.Critically evaluate strategic and stakeholder analysis using appropriate accounting theory and tools.

C: Assessment Task :
Next Plc, along with other major retailers, has warned of the trading difficulties it faces due to supply chain issues. In particular, issues with its warehouse and logistics staff.

The retailer said sales had risen by 14% in the last five weeks, but forecasted they would only increase by 10% by the end of the year. It said this was due to its supply chain being compounded by labour shortages in transport and warehouses. However, the High Street chain has predicted a full-year profit of £800 m”.

BU7006 Strategic Financial Management Assignment – UK.

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