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May 02, 2023


Requirement 1:

Goals are the most essential component to attain the success in any kind of endeavour which also includes the business world. Goals gives benefits in many areas such as attainment, motivation, and planning of quick results. It has been observed that defining and setting goals to fulfil the objectives of the company. Setting goals or objectives enhances the persistence of the employees and therefore converts efforts into motivation and commitment (Landers, Bauer and Callan 2017). Goal setting is considered as the most lucrative manner for initiating effective performance among the workforce (Armstrong 2021). It enables the employees to understand their roles and responsibilities and act accordingly (DeNisi and Murphy 2017). The employees are aware that what the company is expecting from them and so they have operate accordingly in order to fulfil such expectations. Thus, it can be said that it provides proper direction to all the employees in the organisation. In addition to that, it also motivates them at workplace and improves their over performance. It is observed that when the employees have defined goals, they will be focused and committed at workplace since they will be knowing the way in which they can perform well and enhance their overall productivity and presence at workplace. Moreover, the employees would be able to assess their overall performance in a more efficient and effective manner. Goal setting would enable the employee to analyse and understand were their overall production is lagging and thus allow them to take necessary steps to overcome such laggings and attain the required production.

It is also observed that the goal setting will also be helpful to the management in performance management in the given case company. Management is required to set and communicate such organisational goals and the ways they link to the work group and individual performance so as to energise their workforce to attain the desired outcomes (Cappelli and Tavis 2016). While developing goals, the management and the employees can communicate regarding the ways in which employees accomplishments would support these goals. This communication during goal setting will enable the management to understand the mindset and future planning of the employees and thus the management will be able to forecast whether employee will be able to attain those set goals or not. In addition to that, goal setting process will also enable the management to understand the capability of each employee and set goal for each one accordingly. Thus, it can be said that the management will be able to set the goal in an effective manner. Furthermore, goal setting process will also enable the top manager of the case organisation to effectively monitor and analyse the performance of each employee in a more efficient and effective manner. When there will be set goals for each employee then the manager can easily evaluate the overall performance against the set goals and understand whether the employees are performing according to the set goals or not. Moreover, it will also help the manager to understand were an employee is lacking and the manager can provide the necessary support to overcome their laggings and boost up their overall performance so that the performance of the entire firm can be improved.

Requirement 2:

Evaluation form is regarded as the document which is utilised to evaluate the performance of the employee at workplace (Mone and London 2018). It is observed that one of the key to success of the performance management procedures is to have effective evaluation forms of the employee (Arnaboldi, Lapsley and Steccolini 2015). The key to the employee evaluation form is to make sure that the company gather all the important information in an easy to determine sheet. Once the company figures out the aspect of the performance which is important for it, it is essential for it to ensure those aspects are well demonstrated on form either on the numeric scale or in the open-ended form for more effective and elaborate feedback from Elaine.  Feedback can take place on the casual basis through email or during the 1-to-1 conversations. A more effective and formal approach will be during the meeting for performance review. This particularly emphasizes on the performance of the employees since it relates to that role and responsibilities of the individual. The below form can be utilised to conduct the evaluation to recognise the achievement of the goals by Elaine:

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