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Apr 27, 2023
  1. Part A
    Topic: Healthy City Initiative Application

    Imagine your hometown is applying to be part of a healthy city initiative, which will attract national government funding if the application is successful. The local city mayor has asked you to make a brief presentation describing what this will mean for the city. The audience will be local government employees.

    Address the following points in your presentation:

    • Describe the main features of the WHO health cities initiative.
    • Summarise the initiatives already in place in the city you have chosen, that could be part of a healthy cities application.
    • Briefly suggest 2 additional steps that could be taken to make the biggest impact on health in your city.


    Write a 10-slide presentation describing the above, focusing on one city in the United States (New York City)


    Part B: Written Report on International Health and Sustainable Development 2000 Words

    Topic: What are the adverse effects of climate change on health and what can be done to mitigate these? (New York City, US)

    A. For the region you live in, or another region with which you are familiar:

    1. Describe the adverse impacts on health that have been noted already, justifying why these are attributable to climate change.
    2. What are the likely future adverse impacts of climate change on health including the likely scale of the changes?

    B. For a local population typical of the region you live in or another region with which you are familiar:

    1. Give examples of 3 actions that could be organised and undertaken at a local level, for example in a single population centre of half a million people, to mitigate the local effects of climate change. Provide evidence to support your chosen examples.
    2. Give 3 examples of how you could obtain funding for such initiatives. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these funding methods? What is the likelihood of successful funding of each of these methods?


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