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Nov 25, 2021
  • Description: This assignment consists of two parts:

    Part A: An online quiz Assignment 2, which includes 20 questions. Students may have 3 attempts at this quiz. The system will record the highest grade.

    Part B: Answering 3 questions related to aspects of Platform Technologies.


    Section Mark Out of Mark
    A-QUIZ   15
    B-Q1   15
    B-Q2   10
    B-Q3   10
    Total   50

    Assignment 2   Questions

    A-QUIZ. (15 marks) Attempt the Assignment 2 quiz after Week 9, and paste the Moodle summary of your result below.

    **** Paste your result here ****

    B-Q1. 15 marks (3 x 5 marks = 15 marks)) Digital Logic and Design:

    1. Construct the following digital circuit with Logisim. The circuit has two outputs S and T and three inputs A, B and C.

    S = A/BC + /ABC + AB/C + /A/B/C

    T = /A/BC + A/BC + /AB/C + ABC

    1. Generate the truth table using Logisim for inputs A, B and C and for outputs S and T.
    1. Verify that the circuit you developed can be used as a 3-bit adder (Full adder) i.e., A and B are the two bits to be added and C is is the Carry-in bit. S is the sum of A and B and T is the carry-out bit.

    B-Q2 10 marks (2 x 5 marks = 10 marks) Perform the following operations:

    1. Convert the decimal -95.375 to IEEE 754 32-bit format. Show all the working.
    1. Convert the following IEEE754 32-bit floating-point representation into decimal: 42AE4000. Show all the working.

    B-Q3. 10 marks (5 x 2 Marks = 10 marks)

    You are required to research the topic 8086 Microprocessor and answer the following questions:

    1. Write a short note on the the history and design of x86 processor.
    2. Compare intel 8086 with other vendors compatible 16 bit processors
    3. State Pin description of 8086 processor
    4. Discuss registers and iinstructions set of 8086 processor
    5. Write a short note on flag register and explain 8086 flag register

    Your report should be limited to 4 to 5 pages and should be written in your own words. Provide graphical or tabular information, if necessary.

    Marking Criteria:

    Marks are allocated as indicated on each question, taking the following aspects into account:

    Aspects Description
    Analysis (if appropriate) Investigation, comparison, discussion
    Explanation/justification Description/answer to the question
    Presentation Inadequate structure, careless presentation, poor writing
    Reference style (IEEE) Proper referencing if required

    Copy from another student, copy from internet source/textbook, copy from other sources without proper acknowledgement
    Grade Mark HD 80%+ DI 70%-79% CR 60%-69% P 50%-59% Fail < 50%
      Excellent Very Good Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
    Analysis Logic is clear and easy to follow with strong arguments Consistency logical and convincing Mostly consistent and convincing Adequate cohesion and conviction Argument is confused and disjointed
    Explanation/ justification All elements are present and well

    Components present with good cohesion Components present and

    mostly well integrated
    Most components present Lacks structure.
    Reference style Clear styles with excellent source of references. Clear referencing/ style Generally good referencing/style Unclear referencing/style Lacks consistency with many errors
    Presentation Proper writing. Professionally presented Properly written, with some minor deficiencies Mostly good, but some structure or presentation problems Acceptable presentation Poor structure, careless presentation

    Marking Rubricfor Assignment 2 Questions Marks As shown

    The End

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