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May 01, 2023


The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009 (February 2009)

President Barack Obama signed this particular policy in 2009 to pull out the USA from the Great Recession. This policy was implemented successfully and made a huge impact on the country`s economy. This policy impacted the job sector of the country under which it was able to introduce new jobs for the people and save the existing jobs in the country. This policy also impacted people`s lives by providing temporary relief to those affected by the Great Recession (Act, Recovery, p. 17). This policy was able to perform well for the economy of the country.

The positive impact of this policy on the economy and the people`s lives was that the major sectors of the economy we`re improved at a very rapid rate. For example, the government invested more in the infrastructure, healthcare sector, education sector, and renewable energy sector to revive the country`s economy as quickly as possible. Also, some negative impacts of this policy can be stated that a group of people criticized the government because of this huge spending in various sectors of the economy, resulting in the reduction of the government funds very quickly. Also, this policy established by the government of the USA was able to revive the economy from the Great Recession and resulted in L- shaped recovery (Carley et al., p. 120). And it is also analyzed that the impact of this Great Recession on the economy was huge as the unemployment rate took nearly eight years to be in the position as it earlier was.  

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