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Apr 10, 2023

Module code and title :- Business Communication
Assignment No. and type : Presentation Slides (1500 words speaker notes)
Weighting :- 100%
Assignment task :-
This assignment will assess your understanding of business communication and the skills you have acquired during your study in relation to how this helps in the operation and management of a business. Your Summative Assessment will be an annotated presentation (1500 words in speaker notes) that allows you to demonstrate your communication skills based on contemporary challenges or issues faced by businesses.
Business Communication Assessment – UK

This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:
LO 1 Define the essential components of effective communication;
LO 2 Prepare an evidence-based presentation on a topic agreed in class;
LO 3 Defend your presentation in a question-and-answer session;
LO 4 Reflect on any feedback and how you could improve your next presentation.

Task requirements :-

Presentation 1500 words Following the assignment brief and guide, prepare an evidence based business presentation on a contemporary business issue including an evidenced reflection on your personal development across the project.

Assignment Brief :-
Each student will be required to prepare and deliver a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation in class to peer students and tutors. The presentation development is divided into the following two tasks:

Task 1: Conduct research and prepare 6 slides on one of the following topics (1000 words in notes):

1.1 Business communication during a global pandemic and the potential issues.
1.2 Communicating with employees about significant company changes.
1.3 Negotiating an international and cross-cultural IT business deal.
1.4 Ethical issues in business communication.

a. Based on the formative submissions feedback / experiences during your research for developing Power Point presentation slides what went well and why?
b. What improvements need to be made and why?
c. What action will you take to make suggested improvements?

When getting ready to upload your work on Moodle you must transfer your PowerPoint presentation to a Microsoft Word document along with the notes.

In order to develop a fully evidenced based and referenced Power Point presentation you will need to under take comprehensive research around your chosen topic. The presentation should make use of visual aids appropriate to the business context and audience of the topic. You will be asked to defend your presentation in a Q&A session.

In developing the presentation, you should think about:
• your audience (based on the topic given) and appropriate modes of engaging them.
• the language you use in the presentation.

Assignment Brief Academic Year

• clarity in language, speech, and visuals.
• the level of detail you provide in visuals and in your notes.
• time management (making sure you get through what you need to in the time provided).
• what is missing in the work – it is often not possible to cover everything so you will have to choose what you leave out or only touch on; you might think about signalling this as something to come back to in the Q&A.
• what kinds of questions you might be asked in the Q&A.

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