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May 10, 2023


In order to conduct business expansion in the new market, it is necessary for organization to undertake effective strategies so that their objectives can be fulfilled effectively. . Along with this, it also helps business entities to attain high sales and profitability by expanding business in an effective manner. However, it is crucial for firm to make effective decision regarding locating its business in the overseas market and at the same time, it is also necessary to be consider the rules and regulations of government so that business can be easily expanded (Grant, McLeod and Shaw, 2012). Also, management of firm is required to take leadership action so that potential of market should be analyzed before entering into specific market. The current study is based on a case study of IKEA that undertakes strategies to expand and become profitable in Chinese market. Further, business is also planning to enter into Indian market and for that, it is focusing on assessing the advantages available in the market of India.

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