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Apr 03, 2023

Unit Title :- Business Foundation Study Skills For Higher Education
Assignment Type :- Individual Essay
Read the article below and do further research to answer the questions that follow:
What is the Vark Model?
The Vark model was designed by Neil Fleming in 1987.In this model,Fleming developed a way to help students learn more about their preferences. Vark learning styles are visual,auditory,read write,and kinesthetic.
Business Foundation Study Skills For Higher Education Essay – UK.

Visual Learners :-
Students who have a visual learning style may often prefer sitting in the front of the class room.They may prefer to highlight, or use a lot of connectors or diagrams, create graphic organizers, and may be seen taking more detailed notes which are very organized,often color coded or have other ways of making distinctions between the content.

For visual learners, we can try using sketch notes. Sketch notes are a combination of doodling and text that enables the processing of information to be quicker and that attaches more meaning to the content as students are creating and associating meaning with their own representation of it.

Auditory Learners :-
Auditory learners listen carefully and often focus on the tone or the rate of speech and may also benefit more by having supplemental resources like videos or audio components. If students working group, these learners benefit by more discussions and exchanging ideas,reading aloud and even repeating some content thinking out loud.

Some ideas that can help auditory learners are using Flipgrid to post a question and have students post responses, Synth to create a podcast to have the active listening component addressed, and even using strategies like “telephone” where you tell a story and then students have to retell it in their own words. Doing this type of activity leads students to focus on what you are saying but also processing it and summarizing it back to you in their own spoken words.

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