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May 17, 2023
    1. Shaun is a fitness model and an influencer. The content covers the importance of fitness and healthy diets. BeFitLook Bhd. hires Shaun to promote their fitness equipment and their promotional packages. Shaun works for BeFitLook Bhd. for three months. However, one day Shaun finds out that BeFitLook Bhd. has been giving fast food vouchers to their customers who enrolled in their gym. To his distress, he quits. Advise whether BeFitLook Bhd. may enforce any legal course of action based on the employment contract with Shaun.
    2. Denver ventured into an agreement with Monica’s company called Walred Sdn Bhd. Walred Sdn Bhd had a duty to engage credible suppliers of pharmaceutical products, for Denver’s company. On March 2020, Malaysia declared lockdown and imposed a movement control order (“MCO”) Denver seeks to sue Monica for failing to engage the suppliers on time. Advise Monica, whether Denver may enforce a legal course of action.
    3. Charles’ girlfriend loves shopping. She doesn’t own a credit card, so Charles allowed her to use his credit card for online purchases. Charles is always paid back in full at the end of the month when his girlfriend receives her salary. Two weeks ago, Charles’ girlfriend purchased an exercise machine online worth RM5,000. As usual, this purchase was charged against Charles’ credit card. They broke up last week and his girlfriend refused to pay him back. Is it possible for Charles to claim his money?

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