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May 10, 2023


Business risk originates from different areas from internal and external sources. The best way to manage business hazard is to evaluate danger factors and make contingency plans on how to deal with the risk when and if its presents itself. Managing risk factors is most required and managing the best possible action plan to get over from risk full and uncertain situations. Business includes high danger factors such as financial hazard, management risk, operational endangerment, etc. The present study will be based on managing the risk in business. For that, the same, Jumeirah Hotel will be taken into consideration. Report will be presented by Abacus business consulting services for the selected organization. Jumeirah is a hotel chain which is situated in United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a Dubai-based international luxury hotel chain and a part of Dubai Holding. The present study will be explaining different essential aspects of range and the best performing task-oriented goals. Overall, it explains the role of risk management to identify and analyze controlling risk.

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