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May 10, 2023


Fast food is the food that takes comparatively less time, and served fast food as we all know. Fast food originated during the post World War II times when men were away and women started going out like the men for working. Eating outside was luxury earlier but after advent of fast food it became common whereabouts than necessity. Thus Americans spend more on this industry as getting prepared food faster was their necessity. The more demand gave birth to the fast food of the then society eventually the fast food culture evolved. America saw the growth fast food industry that were very successful are- McDonald, Burger king, Wendy’s, White Castle, Taco Bell, KFC, etc. This is how fast food industry expanded that lead to the origination new workforce. New job opportunities came up where young people mostly worked. During the middle of 1970, the fast food industry started expanding that triggered the famous ‘Burger war’ in the 80s and 90s. With more outlets and brands, the customer had increasing choice that compelled the companies and the restaurants to invent more new business strategies to attract the customers, like healthy foods, foods for kids, expansion in menu, etc. thus a competition in the market prevailed from then onwards. As of now fast food has become one of the biggest industry globally. Fast food industry has taken the shape of business, employment, globally. For instance, in 2012 consumers of the United States has spent $160 on consuming fast food. The restaurants of US came up with $660.5 sales. The fast food market of Australia has experienced an average of growth of 6.5 percent annually. Coming to the employment side, 4.1 million Us workers are involved or rather employed in the fast food industry(according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US), in 2010. Australia witnessed the increasing rate of people working in fast food industry with 17% of working people. Globally, the fast food market had a growth of 4.8% and the transaction valued 80.3 billion. The more outlets globally, an organization receives more growth. For, instance, McDonald witnessed a hike in its industry when it opened its new outlet in Russia.

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