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May 18, 2023

Multiple problems confront an organization in a fiercely competitive business climate. This means that a company’s operational success has become the key focus for creating competitive advantages in strategy development. In the past, businesses placed a high value on their bottom line. As a result, it should include non-financial metrics like quality and customer happiness, which may be used to assess an organization’s operational success and build on its competitive advantages.

Research on leadership and performance revealed that most studies focused on the impact of leadership style, but few looked at how that style correlated with the organization’s ability to deliver on its promise and its ability to meet its goals. An interesting point is that with the birth and dominance of firm resource-based perspectives, human resources have been seen as an additional significant aspect for an organization to acquire competitive advantages and achieve organizational goals. As a result, human resource management strategy has emerged as a major growing concern since 1980. On top of that, the HR strategy still adheres to the notion that “decision-making about a strategy must be done before the strategy of execution.”

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