BUSM203: The Client, AIQ Limited, Is A UK-Based Fully Online Retailer Of Gift Products. Their Strategic Priorities For 2020- 2025 Are Innovation: AI For Business Assignment, ATU, Ireland

The client, AIQ Limited, is a UK-based fully online retailer of gift products. Their strategic priorities for 2020- 2025 are Innovation and Internationalisation along with ensuring the growth of the business. However, their mid-term assessment in the summer of 2022 revealed that they are not on course to achieve these priorities satisfactorily by 2025. Therefore, you have been commissioned as a Management Consultant specializing in AI for Business to analyze the situation and suggest a new course of action for the company to achieve its strategic goals. You have been provided access to some sales data as part of this brief. You are expected to carry out further research as necessary.

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