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Apr 05, 2023

Subject Code & Title :-  BUSM4375 Research Proposal
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Assignment 1 Research Proposal
Word Limit or equivalent (e.g. time) :- 3000
Weighting :- 100%
BUSM4375 Research Proposal Assignment – UK

Learning Outcomes Assessed :-
1. Formulate as appropriate, research aims questions and objectives hypotheses for the proposed research study
2. Critically evaluate academic literature relevant to the field of proposed study to inform the research rationale and design
3. Design research methodologies and methods to achieve stated research aims
4. Evaluate the suitability of particular research approaches and methods to analyse business and/or organisational issues to achieve research aims
5. Critically discuss key ethical issues related to the proposed research study

What do I need to do to make a success of this assignment?
Assignment task(s)
This assignment requires you to develop a research proposal. You are expected to formulate a research aim to address a business or management issue which could form the basis of your dissertation, and research question(s)/hypotheses and a research methodology to study that research aim and question(s). You may choose to use purely secondary research data if appropriate. Within this assignment you must:

1. Present your research aim and research question(s).
2. Discuss the key area/s of literature upon which your dissertation/thesis will draw and identify how your research will contribute to scholarly knowledge of the topic; you need to provide convincing justification of the need of your research and highlight the academic gap you are attempting to fill in.
3. Detail your research methodology and strategy e.g. inductive/deductive; positivist interpretivist qualitative quantitative etc. and state why these choices are appropriate to your research aim.
4. Detail your specific research methods (e.g. telephone interviews postal question naire survey and why these are appropriate to your research aim.
5. Identify the possible limitations and the likely ethical issues of your chosen methods problems you might encounter in implementing them and suggest how you might address these.

6.NOTE: If you are proposing to use only secondary research you must Failure to do so with result in a H grade:
a. Explain and evaluate your choice of secondary research as the sole research method and
b. Identify the sources of data that you intend to use.
c. Evaluate the research methods used to generate at least one of the secondary data sets you identified above.

The assignment should act as a standalone assignment as such it will be marked independently from the dissertation that is being proposed. It is therefore imperative the assignment includes enough detail for the marker to under stand what is being proposed. Therefore, it is not simply enough to say statistical qualitative analysis will be used with out explaining what form of analysis will be used and how it will answer the research question(s) proposed.

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