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Mar 30, 2023

Differences from Assessment 1
It is expected that you will be developing the work you undertook for Assessment 1, but that you will (1) respond to the formative feedback provided in your feedback for Assessment 1, and (2) add inferential statistics where appropriate.
CA4051 Statistics For Travel & Tourism Assignment-London Metropolitan University UK.

Given that you are adding content to your existing report, the page limit has increased from 10 to 12 pages. Count research questions can only be answered with descriptive statistics because they do not have an independent variable, so you should not add inferential statistics to such questions.

NB: If you have only used count research questions in Assessment 1, then you need to add cross-sectional or correlational questions so to be able to include inferential statistics, as required for assessment 2.

Where you have used cross-sectional research questions, you need to add an inferential statistic. If your independent variable has 2 categories, you should use a t-test, but if it has 3 or more categories, you should use A NOVA.

NB: If you used dependent variables that were categorical variables, you are only able to report frequencies (i.e., counts, percentages) per category, but you cannot report Means. Thus, to compare means, you need to make sure that your dependent variables are continuous variables, so to run inferential statistics (i.e., t-test, ANOVA).

CA4051 Statistics For Travel & Tourism Assignment-London Metropolitan University UK.

It was not expected that you pose correlational research questions in assessment 1 because these questions cannot be answered by descriptive statistics. As such, you would need to write a new correlational research question to include simple linear regression (e.g., the association between length of stay IV and spend DV).

Below I update the model answer for Assessment 1 by adding appropriate inferential statistics. The additions that I have made are highlighted in yellow. Except for count research questions, you should follow your descriptive statistics analysis with your inferential statistics analysis, as demonstrated below.

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