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Jun 05, 2023
roject management software, such as MS Project, adds much capabilities and flexibilities which greatly benefit project managers, not only during the planning phase, but also as they monitor and control the progress in the execution phase. Please take the time to explore some of MS Project features and capabilities. A few points to guide you through such exploratory journey:
The default screen is split into two parts. The left part is primarily used to input project data, while the right part displays the output in the form of a Gantt chart.
The Gantt chart is drawn automatically, and dynamically, as data is input in the left side of the screen
Including the connecting arrows, the Gantt chart is drawn in the same way as a network diagram. The only difference is that, instead of square-shaped nodes, you see bars, the length of which is proportional to the estimated duration of the task.
Unlike network diagrams, in MS Project, we input the entire WBS (minus the head box: the project’s title), and use indentations to distinguish among WBS levels.
Although we input the entire WBS, we enter duration and cost info ONLY for the lowest level tasks (same as the ones you used in drawing network diagrams, manually).
For now, I would like you to generate an MS Project file of your own, enter your WBS with indentations, populate the duration field, again, only for the lowest level tasks (patent tasks will be populated automatically). Please do not change the software-generated dates. That will distort the schedule. Something we do not want to do at this learning stage.
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