Case Study Handbook

 “The Case Study Handbook(attached file),” write a concise 600-800 word case essay response to the Shotspotter case study (see attached file) that answers the following question: “given the challenges to entry they faced, how has SST grown their client list over time and what should they do to ensure it continues to grow into the future?”

Your essay must have:

Position statement (recommended decision. I.e., your thesis) Description of past strategies Decision options Decision criteria Proof of the recommended option Critique of options Action plan APA formatting, in-text citations, and a references page are required.

Essay guidelines: Your analysis should be clear and concise and should answer satisfy all of the above criteria in one way or another.

Grading: Your work will be assessed based on the clarity of your argument and your writing. Your writing should be polished and you should aim to write expressively, with proper spelling and grammar.

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