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May 15, 2023

Case Study of an SWD ELL: A lesson plan with the Analysis and Reflection (20 pts.)
– The candidates will design a lesson in TESOL with the focus of the language development of SWD ELLs in four modalities: listening, speaking, reading and writing. This lesson plan should include a variety of ways to adapt and enrich the content materials to serve as basis for language development, both oral and written, for ELL students at the grade level selected. You must especially include the use of digital tools and resources in your modified lessons. When creating this plan, you should follow . Pease follow the guidelines of the lesson planning process. The rubric for this assessment is included in this syllabus, the candidates must use it as a checklist before submitting their plans. All the items in the rubric should be reflected in the lesson clearly. The lesson plan should be accompanied by the analysis, reflection in which you discussion the elements of the lessons and support your discussion with the research in the field. This reflection section should be between three to five double-spaced pages long.


Your entire project should have a cover page (page 1) and a reference page (last page of the project before any attachments or appendi). The structure should follow the following format:
Cover Page
Identified problem or issue
Commentary with implications supported by research
Appendi (if any)

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