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Subject Code & Title :-  CC5052 Risk Crisis And Security Management
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Submission format: One Microsoft Word file + a mp4 video presentation file. It should not be attached with any security features such as password protection etc. The filename of your report should be: report + your student ID number. For example if your student ID number is 1234567 the filename of the report will be report1234567 The video presentation should be:
CC5052 Risk Crisis And Security Management Assignment – UK

•between 5 and 10 minutes.
•The presentation should use PowerPoint slides. Your names and ID numbers must be indicated on the first slide.
•The contents of your presentation must be related to your own coursework report.

This technical report should be based on your research on you choose topic or area and the culmination of good literature search work carried out through using a good mix of sources: journals industry white papers research outputs of organisations European Commission Mitre Corporation Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Research Institute EPSRC etc.) web resources that have provenance and textbooks.

It should present the appropriate background as introduction in the topic area of interest. It should focus on your research contents and present the essential methods / theories some facts some experiment method and results / suitable examples appropriate analysis / discussion / arguments / evidence etc. The report should also provide an abstract section at the beginning and conclusion at the end. A list of resources referenced should be produced in the Harvard or IEEE reference format. This technical report should be about 1500 words in length excluding title abstract contents page references Acknowledgements and Appendices.

The report should be based on one of the topics/areas listed below:
•Access control
•Intrusion detection and prevention systems and related technologies
•Cryptography and its application
•Digital signatures and its application

The structure of your technical report should contain the following:
Items Briefly express
Title page/Face page Must include the title of the report, your name and ID number.
Abstract — A summary of the whole report including important features, results and conclusions.
Contents– Numbers and lists all section and subsection headings with page numbers.

Introduction — States the objectives of the report and comments on the way the topic of the report is to be treated. Leads straight into the report itself. Must not be a copy of the introduction in a lab handout.

Good Introduction covering the questions raised in the project topic. Interesting and comprehensive back ground and state of the art demonstrating background reading research.

The sections which make up the body of the report Divided into numbered and headed sections. These sections separate the different main ideas in a logical order (e.g., essential methods /theorised some facts / some experiment method and results / suitable examples appropriate analysis / discussion / arguments).

Conclusions — A conclusion should summarize and analyze what has been learned in order to synthesize and address answers to the questions asked in the introduction. Should also discuss any limitations to the report and possibly suggest further work.

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