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Write this last. This should be brief and it should be possible for the reader to understand the scope and coverage of your project, what the main outcomes were and what your product was
CC6004 Ciphers Using Python Programming Assignment-UK.

Literature Review:

All your research activity should be here, research into development methods, topic areas covered and why they were chosen, evaluation methods you looked at and adopted and reasons why. If you are doing a research report then this section should cover the first phase of your research and be broad and explorative in nature.

Make sure you use the HARVARD referencing system

You should also include research related to your approach to project management and product evaluation methods here as well.

Very often students make statements or claims without any substantiation – such as ‘there is a problem with on-line shopping’ – this might be so but you need to provide evidence of how and why this might be the case.

This section should finish with a review of key findings and how you used this knowledge to take your project to the next step.

Software Methodology:

All software-development based projects have a software methodology that drives the project process. For instance, Agile Software Methodologies (i.e. SCRUM, Pair-programming, Extreme Programming (XP) etc.).

Product Specification / User Requirements:

This section should be quite short and very specific. If you are building a prototype product then this section should describe what you intend to build along with the intended depth and breadth of the functionality (MoSCoW method).

Product Development:
This is where you provide an account of how you developed your product. A more detailed project management plan may be required here.

If appropriate, you should provide a link to your final product here as well. Please ensure that you have tested your product to work on a standard PC. A product that can’t be read or fails to work as intended may have severe implications for your final grade.

If you are carrying out a research project, then this is where your research paper should be placed.You should also add a commentary or review of how the paper was written and developed.

Do not make judgements about your product as this will be included in the next section.

Product Evaluation:
Here you report on the evaluation of your product. For those of you building a website or app, you will be probably undertake some form of user testing. If you are going to carry out a user study,then make sure you include the experimental design, sample size, subject details and anticipated and actual outcomes. Another way to evaluate your product may be to test the robustness of your code.

Ethical Issues:
In this section you need to discuss all ethical, social, legal and security issues related to your product (following BCS terms and regulations).

Project Management:
Describe the project management process followed in the current project. Provide evidence of methods, templates and frameworks that you employed (provide evidence in the Appendix).

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