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May 02, 2023



ABC Pvt Ltd has been operating locally and providing services to its customers. The organization is entrepreneurial with 5 HR, 10 admins and 20 engineers.  The paper briefly discusses the development of an Email and Malware Awareness and Training Program for the organization to minimize the risks and provide security to public data.

Risk Assessment: 

Emails are one of the central modes of communication in the organization. Thus, criminals are finding new ways to breach the security of the company by using malicious emails. The threat of using email might lead to delivery of malware by spams. Emails are often gateway to phishing leading to theft of credentials (Miranda, 2018). Emails with malware can lead to unidentified control facilitating unethical access to confidential information about employees and admins and disrupt the access to resources by Engineering department (Cuchta et al., 2019). Email spoofing enables criminals or malicious programs to falsify sender information. These problems can be mitigated by using a secure and robust mail server and client with proper authentication and periodic testing of security. The risks from emails can be vastly reduced by implementation of an email and malware awareness and training program.

Outline Awareness And Training Program:

Email and Malware Awareness and Training Program (EMATP) held in of ABC Pvt Ltd will help the employees gain a deeper understanding about the impact of breaches in security and malware attacks through email communication (Sharma & Bashir, 2020). The online awareness training comprises of step-by-step procedures by starting with a basic test about emails and uses and importance to determine their preliminary knowledge. The staffs are trained by using online lessons and courses that help in understanding the ways to mitigate email threats. The importance of reporting and follow ups for malicious mails are taught (Hwang et al., 2021). Games and random tests are organized to evaluate the results of learning from online classes. The staffs are made familiar with the best practices, rules and protocols for secure email communication reducing job stress and increasing resilience (McCormac et al., 2018). Certifications are handed out at the end to certify the staff about their levels of understanding on the importance of protection from harmful emails and malwares for the benefit of the organization.

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