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Jun 01, 2023

Some weeks ago, you (Danny Lim) a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a licensed Financial Planner met your old friend Petros Pang and his petite wife Lydia Pang at the local Golf Club. After drinks and snacks, Petros and Lydia asked if you could help guide them in their financial journey. They confess that until now they had never taken any professional advice on wealth management or personal financial planning. They wondered if your guidance could help them achieve their short-to-medium term as well as their longer-term retirement goals.

Petros and Lydia celebrated their half-century birthday recently. Petros will soon be at the high end of his earning capacity. Sadly, he is staring in the face the stark reality that his overall financial situation falls rather short of someone at that high level and age. He concedes that their net worth should have been much higher. Both of them are very occupied with social and charity work outside office hours. They admit that their financial management was always on the agenda, but never quite reached number one. They want and need your help before it is beyond redemption.

The couple has four children, a boy, and three girls – Alex (age 21), Bella (age 18), Claire (age 13), and Dyna (age 10).

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