CETM69 Cybersecurity Essentials – University Of Sunderland

Cybersecurity Essentials

Students will undertake a research project critically discussing the principles and procedures associated with cybersecurity. The report and Infographic will give students the opportunity to examine the range of potential threats, risks and attacks identified from the scenarios and indicate how implementation of secure systems can mitigate against the security issues identified.

The following learning outcomes will be assessed:

LO 1. Ability to critically understand the principles of cybersecurity and the procedures to manage these in a organisational settings, taking into account potential security threats, risks and attacks

LO 2. Ability to evaluate the processes, procedures and protocols required to implement secure, reliable and effective systems security and identify suitable metrics to quantify and measure levels of security

Assignment Specification

The cybersecurity environment is a wide and complex one. For the first part of this assignment you are required to produce an Infographic (1 page) outlining a cybersecurity subject area of interest you and focus on the typical threats that either a) individuals in society or b) organisations face from your chosen topic area. The design of your Infographic and the content of the Infographic is left to you to decide but you should consider visual impact, key messages, data to support, examples and underpinning research.

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