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Jun 07, 2023
Change is a constant presence in the healthcare arena therefore effective leaders must be capable of conveying their ideas in a clear and concise manner for sustainable transformation. The student will develop and introduce innovative strategies to propel the organization or department to a higher level (must be an actual idea). This essay must be impressive enough to inspire others to become champions of this cause. The essay must be 3-4 pages in length excluding appendix, title and reference page. The student may choose a topic of professional relevance and something that can be translated into practice as a healthcare leader. The student will address the impetus for change, leadership traits needed to implement these new ideas and any other related theories that can be applied to describe or support these ideas. Conceptual framework models can be placed in the appendix. The student must submit the following for references: minimum of 5 journal articles less than 5 years since publication. Wikipedia or dictionary websites are not acceptable references. This assignment requires appropriate spelling, grammar, use of the current APA format and APA style of writing.


10% ____ Introduction
10%____ Background
50%____ Body of the Paper:
Overview of new idea or concept (actual idea/concept)
Importance of change for healthcare leaders (impetus for change in the organization)
Timeframe for this project
Benefits include cost projections or estimates
Leadership behaviors, characteristics and traits needed to implement these ideas
Strategies to implement this idea
Conceptual model/framework to support the ideas or concepts for change

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