CHCLEG001 Role at Indigo Community Services and Health Hub.

Scenario 1: You have just started a new role at Indigo Community Services and Health Hub. At lunchtime, two co-workers, one of which is a friend, discuss a service user “Jenny”, who attended an appointment that morning. They complain about how dirty and demanding she was. They try to include you in the conversation and start discussing other clients/service users, past and present. Less than a week later, one of the workers again starts discussing Jenny just outside the reception area. Jenny then walks in and you are not sure if she has overheard the conversation but she looks visibly upset.

Jenny attends her pre-arranged meeting and on her way out of the building, she asks if she can speak with you privately. Jenny tells you that she overheard what your colleagues were saying about her and that there were quite a lot of derogatory comments. She explains that she had stopped outside the main entrance to the building to have a cigarette. Jenny could easily hear the conversation among your colleagues. You advise Jenny of her right to file a formal complaint; she tells you she does not think she will bother to complain. She states “I’ve got enough on my plate; Things more important than worrying about what others think of me!” Before she leaves, Jenny asks that you keep this conversation confidential.

Scenario 2: The Indigo Community Services and Health Hub runs a regular youth group and your colleague Ray, helps coordinate the program. Over time, Ray develops a relationship with one of the young people in the group, Sean. Sean is a 15-year-old boy with an intellectual disability. It has taken a very long time for Ray to develop rapport and trust with Sean, as Sean is wary and quiet. During their conversations, Sean has made vague suggestions that his father is hitting him. Eventually, Sean tells the full story to Ray after making him agree not to tell anybody. Ray has also noticed bruising on Sean’s body.

When Ray starts to ask questions, Sean says he was “only joking”. Ray decides not to report it, even though he has suspicions; he is concerned that Sean will not come back to the service. He does, however, confide in you and ask for your advice on the situation.

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