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The community services industry refers to the activities conducted or performed by individuals or a group of individuals majorly because of the betterment and the upliftment of this society without expecting any monetary compensation from the activities conducted. Community services are a kind of voluntary contribution to society, performed by various people such as students, working-class people, politicians, people in business, and many other people in society. 

Example 1

This particular event is related to the conflicts among team members related to the community services activities conducted. There are many chances of conflicts between the team members when the number of team members is more and when the work done by the team is more effective and productive. In this instance, there was a verbal conflict between 3 individuals regarding the amount of work done related to the community services activities individually. I observed the verbal conflict between those three individuals and decided to look into the matter and try to resolve it with some senior members of the team for the smooth working of the activities of community services as the verbal conflict was regarding the amount of work done while conducting the activities in the community services, so the conflict was resolved by distributing the work among those individuals equally for the maximum output from the team and the most effective and productive output while conducting the activities of the community services.

Example 2

This second example is related to the situation where a client was extremely happy with the community services conducted by the team and was very satisfied with these activities. The event was an activity off feeding some people of an orphanage by the team members of the community services by organizing a successful event by providing them and delicious food. This community service activity conducted by the team members was a food drive conducted on that day to feed the helpless people in the region. My team members and I were successfully able to get the food prepared for that particular orphanage and feed them a good amount of food of one time, which created a smile on their faces and our team members from this particular activity. I realized on that day that some good amount of effort done by our team in the community services could make some handful of people smile and make their day. 

Example 3

This particular situation or event is directly related to the first day at the community services workplace. As the community services are responsible for conducting the social activities in the region to help the people in various ways and for the betterment of the society, it was very exciting to join this team which was working towards it very hard. My first day at the community services workplace was majorly spent understanding the mechanism and the process of the activities conducted by the community services team. I realized that there is a particular protocol or rules regarding the conducting of the social activities for the betterment of the society and requires a lot of team efforts to successfully implement the activities for the people. Also, it was very interesting to learn and observe new things in the surroundings and the kind of work which has to be conducted by the team of the community services for the society. 

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