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Jul 04, 2023

LO 1      Evaluate the importance of the parental voice in ECEC

LO 2      Investigate both national and international models of effective partnership

LO 3      Explore the high-level interpersonal, intrapersonal, and self-awareness skills in all interactions with parents, educators, and multi agencies

LO 4      Discuss key strategies used to ensure proactive approaches that ensure meaningful and participatory relationships with families and other professionals in early years

LO 5      Explain the concept of a community of practice in early years provision

LO 6      Analyse partnerships and collaborative practice in relation to Aistear and Síolta

LO 7      Distinguish between parental involvement and parental engagement

LO 8      Propose essential elements in the partnership with parents’ policy, service ethos and values in relation to supporting a partnership approach

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