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May 11, 2023
Introduction to the assignment: Foreign currency has been a topic interwoven in our course since we first considered the topic of letters of credit, through Chapter 5 which focused entirely on foreign currencies, and into Chapters 8 and 9 to date. Therefore, this assignment will provide students the opportunity to learn about a currency of rising importance in the world of international business and trade transactions – the Chinese Yuan (Renminbi).
Assignment Description: This assignment requires students to research and then write a research paper based on the research they do on the assigned topic, China’s Digital Yuan (Renminbi): Its Characteristics, Current Usage in China, and Possible Usage Beyond China. Hence, students will rely on the information they glean from their research to write their research paper in which they describe the characteristics of this new digital form of China’s currency, as well as describe the current usage of it in China as well as its possible future usage beyond China. It is a research assignment in which students will write and submit a 4 – 5 page research paper on the topic. The 4 – 5 pages required include 1) the title page and 2) the page where sources students researched and used for the assignment are listed, and 3) the informational content pages of the paper which should constitute 2 – 3 pages of text.
Requirements to complete this assignment:
Students should take care to be sure their assignment meets all of the following requirements:
Each student completes the necessary research. A minimum of 3 sources are required for this paper. It can be helpful that the HCC library has many databases and other helpful resources, and if needed it is suggested that students can easily enlist a reference librarian’s help in finding current resources by clicking on the link to the library(ies) on the HCC website and using the online chat function there to connect with a reference librarian and ask for assistance in finding sources.
Each student writes his/her paper in APA format.
The paper must include the title page, 2-3 pages of content, and the reference page (so a total of 4-5 pages in all). Three APA- related links appear in the Selected Resources Module. The first, APA: Sample Paper to View/ Download (With Instructive Comments/Guidelines) will be a most helpful reminder of APA guidelines to follow in formatting your paper, so it is suggested to take 10 minutes to click its link, download the PDF, and go through the sample paper. This will be particularly helpful in providing a sample of the way the paper should look, so follow its example on the formatting of your paper (i.e., title page, 1-inch margins, double spaced, title and headings, citations, etc.). Two other links to helpful information appear there as well: APA: General Formatting Information and APA: In-Text Citations Described/Explained. These two are there for those who want greater depth of information concerning APA writing guidelines.
A minimum of 3 reputable current (within last 6 months) sources are required for this paper. Wikipedia may not be used. Our textbook may not be used.
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