Choose An Irish National Social Policy Associated With One Form Of Alternatives To Homecare That Embeds The Concept Of Quality Of Life: Social Care Assignment, ITC, Ireland

Learning Outcomes:-

  • Critically reflect on how a national policy associated with varying forms of alternatives to homecare beds concepts of citizenship, quality of life, and person-centered care.
  • Evaluate a range of alternatives to home interventions available to children and adults when they experience complex life situations.

Assignment 1

Choose an Irish National Social Policy associated with one form of Alternatives to Homecare that embeds the concept of Quality of Life, Citizenship, and person-centered Care and write a report critically appraising the policy and discuss how it is implemented in practice.

Assignment 2

Choose a vulnerable cohort and provide details of their complex life situation. Critically discuss a range of alternatives to homecare interventions – providing evidence of how they could support and benefit the group and discuss the challenges in accessing or delivering them.  Provide recommendations for the challenges.

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