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May 05, 2023

Choose one developing country and use data to write a 2,000-word report on the differences between its developmental policy in -independence era (i.e. from independence to the 1970s) and the subsequent Neoliberal era (i.e. from the early 1980s to today).
Your report should cover (but not limited to) the following points:
– An abstract of no more than 100 words + 5 keywords maximum.
– An overview of the main economic sector(s) at independence; literacy rate; poverty; and any other relevant socio-economic indicators.
– -independence model: its ideology; economic model; achievements, if any, on the socio-economic plane; geopolitics of -war period in relation to your chosen country.
– The collapse of the model; reasons; economic indicators indicative of the problems with the model.– The ideology of Neoliberalism; the relationship between Neoliberalism and the SAP; the characteristics of the Neoliberal state in the Global South with reference to your chosen country.
– In concluding highlight the main differences, if any, between the achievements of the two models, that is -independence model and the Neoliberal model.
Your data sources must be reliable (e.g. World Bank, UN datasets, the national statistical office of your chosen country). Depending on your chosen country, you might find some good quality data in published studies (i.e. journal articles, books, and reports).
Advice: Developing countries tend to have unreliable data. Choose a country that has data.Learning Outcomesb) Critically employ concepts and theories of development in exploring case studies of the political, economic, and social aspects of the developing world.Employability & Changemaker Skills
c) Critically evaluate approaches and solutions to a problem (or problems) facing the developing world and propose a solution (or solutions).
d) Select and use a range of formats and styles, to communicate, argue and counter-argue information, attitudes and ideas professionally and empathetically.
The grade will depend on the extent to which the work meet these learning outcomes in the way relevant for this assessment.Important Info
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