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Mar 30, 2023

Sunshine Coast Hotel case study: The Sunshine Coast Hotel is a small family-run business on the south coast of England. They are doing well but, with constant visitors they find it difficult to keep track of costs and charges. They want to install a database system that will allow them to keep records of their visitors and print invoices in the first instance. They hope it will form the basis of further expansion.
CI402 Sunshine Coast Hotel A mended For Remote Delivery Assignment-Bright on University UK.

Preliminary investigation of the requirements for the system has elicited the following facts:

  • Rooms are numbered from as follows: (changed from 1-20 to match invoice)
    o G1-G6 are on the Ground Floor
    o 101-107 are on the First Floor
    o 201-207 are the Second Floor
  • Ground floor rooms are accessible for wheelchair users

  • Rooms are of three types:
    1.Single – charged at £40 per night
    2.Double – charged at £52 per night
    3.Suite (suitable for a family of four) – charged at £95 per night

  • Customers are charged for a room, at a standard rate, although a record is kept on the number of people in the room for fire safety compliance
  • Customers are given a unique ‘customer ID’ and their information is currently kept in a card index

  • Customers can order specific items which can be charged to their room as extras on their bill. These charged at a standard rates as follows:
    1.Traditional breakfast – charged at £10
    2.Continental breakfast – charged at £5
    3.Evening meal – charged at £25 per person
    4.Range of bar snacks – charged at £15
    5.Room service meal – charged at £30

  • Customers can buy other items, such as drinks from the bar, but these are paid for individually and not charged to the customer’s room.
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