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Mar 21, 2023

While learning and understanding the organizational performance, its culture is significant to understand first since the performance and culture affect each other. This module will provide in-depth knowledge of the relationship between structure and employees of the workplace. By connecting with the culture of an organization, this module will discuss the impact of the organization’s strategies and planning on performance.

To understand the relationship between the structure, strategy, and operational environment of an organization, the module focuses on the first learning outcome. Understanding the strategies is not the only aspect that is important when focusing on the better performance of the business.

Thus, analyzing external factors and issues in the working assets, employee behavior, employee lifecycle, and building diversity are also having greater importance which is going to be discussed in the later parts of the learning outcomes of the module.

Here, we will discuss 5CO01 assignment example and can help you with 5CO01 presentation. Now, let’s see some of the possible examples from each of the objectives of the module.

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