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Mar 21, 2023

Understanding professional behaviours and learning to value people at level 5 of the CIPD course is essential for students. In CIPD level 5, an associate diploma in people management you are going to learn about people’s professional behaviours and ethical practices to encourage and strengthen the relationships in the organization among employees and managers. By developing the strategies of people’s professional behaviors and their practices the organization can lead to growth and can impact the performance of each and every member of an organization or company.

Thus, in this core module 3 of the level 5 people management CIPD course you will gain an understanding of ethical and core values of people professional, inclusive strategies and behaviors, creating solutions aimed to promote a positive working environment, learning the evolution of people professional practices, identifying the strengths and weaknesses through CPD activities.

Here, we will discuss the assignment examples from which you can write academic assignments on varieties of topics. Now, let’s focus on the assignment examples from each learning outcome of this module.

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