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Mar 21, 2023

Learners of the Level 3 L&D CIPD course get an understanding of designing the learning and development activities. The unit targets the development of the knowledge and skills of the learning activities. The learners develop an understanding of the practices and methods of the L&D activities incorporated within the organization. The learning activities employed aim to know learners’ differences to achieve meaningful objectives. This module will help the learners to gain insight into the various L&D activities and their methods for employees with the consideration of the various issues that support the L&D objectives.

We have discussed the topics and ideas from every learning outcome of this unit. Here you find assistance in the topic selection for your assignment writing. If you are a student of the CIPD Level course pursued by the UK university of London, Manchester, Glasgow, Oxford, or Edinburgh, here you will get the topics for essays, case studies, and research papers. The module examples will provide you with an understanding of the few topics to do your assignment. Let’s take a look at the CIPD 3DES assignment example from the individual learning outcomes of this module.

CIPD 3DES Learning Outcome 1: Understand Factors Which Inform The Design Of L&D Activities.

1.1 Explain Legislative And Organisational Factors Which Affect The Design Of L&D Activities.

There are a number of legislative and organisational factors which can affect the design of learning and development activities. For example, health and safety legislation may place certain requirements on employers in terms of providing training for employees. 

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