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Mar 21, 2023

Understanding the key practices in reward systems by people professionals for performance and contribution of the employees is essential for all the learners of the level 5 CIPD, diploma in people management. The rewards for performance in an organization help in building employee relationships. Therefore, for creating better working lives and increase organizational growth, the learners need to have learned in practices for appreciation.

This module can help in examining the internal and external factors to influence reward strategies and policies. Also, understanding the reward policies of an organization, the learner will develop the importance of the practices in people management to make expert reward judgments and the impact of reward praising performance.

There are basically five learning outcomes that help students to learn the evaluation methods of reward systems, policies and practices to implement reward system, the influence of people performance on approaches to reward, ways of gathering data, the impact of legislative requirements on reward practices, and role of people practices in reward judgments.

Here we are going to discuss and pick varieties of assignment examples to help learners of CIPD level 5 5hr03 in making assignment topics. Let’s discuss some questions or topics for assignments from each learning outcome of this module.


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