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Mar 30, 2023

Unit title & code : Desktop Applications and Software Engineering
Assignment number and title : Assignment 1 Control an Elevator – A C# Project
Assessment type : WR-I (Individual Coursework)
Weighting of assessment : 30%
CIS116-2 Desktop Applications And Software Engineering Assignment – UK.

Unit learning outcomes :
1.Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding
• Systematically categorize the concepts, principles and techniques for object-oriented programming and software engineering process.
2.Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
• Analyse a complex problem and apply a programming language to design, develop and critically evaluate a software solution to the given problem; and analyse and apply a range of concepts,principles and techniques to the software development process.

What am I required to do in this assignment?

This assignment aims to develop students’ capabilities and skills of solving real-world problems with C# programming language.

A company intends to build a two-floor office building and equip it with an elevator. The company wants you to develop an object-oriented software control application so the elevator can work smoothly.

The elevator consists of an elevator car whin which there is a control panel having buttons and display-window, an elevator shift and request -button panels, one on each floor.

The elevator contains a door that opens upon the elevator’s arrival at a floor and closes upon the elevators departure from that floor. The door is closed during the trips between floors to prevent the passengers from being injured by brushing against the wall of the elevator shaft. The shaft connects to a “floor door” on each floor so people cannot fall down the shift when the elevator is not at a floor.

When request-button on a floor is pressed, a built-in light of the button will be on, The elevator will move towards the floor. The elevator door and floor door will open at the same time.When a “floor button” of the control panel is pressed, a built-in light will be on that causes the doors close at the same time.The elevator will then move to the destination.

When the elevator reaches the destinating floor, it stops and open the doors. After a while, it closes the doors.

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